Private Training

Butch Evans can offer both public and private trainining opportunities. If you would like to attend one of our public courses, please see our store for current courses. We, also, offer private training opportunities. Here you will find information regarding this private training, including costs and contact information to get set up. For private training, Butch Evans Consulting will provide all materials required to complete the training course. We offer the following training standard training courses:

Course Topic Overview Cert
Time (days)
Mikrotik MTCNA Mikrotik Certified Network Associate - This course covers RouterOS from initial configuration to some advanced topics such as QOS and Firewall. This is a VERY complete course that will enable your team to become familiar with most RouterOS features. Yes 3-5
Mikrotik MTCWE Mikrotik Certified Wireless Engineer - This course covers wireless configurations, tools and troubleshooting in RouterOS. This curriculum also covers bridging and wireless network security. Yes 2-3
Mikrotik MTCRE Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer - This course covers static routing, OSPF, VPN (tunnels) and MME in RouterOS. Yes 2-3
Mikrotik MTCTCE Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer - This course covers Firewall, QOS, Web Proxy, DHCP and DNS in RouterOS. Yes 2-3
IPv6 Deployment Strategies This course is geared toward IPv6 deployment in an ISP or corporate environment. No 2-3
WISP Basics This course is intended to assist those new to networking in getting up to speed on wired and wireless networking using a variety of equipment. This is a vendor neutral course that focuses on the technical details of wireless networks and IP networking. No 2-3
For most of these courses, students should be comfortable with IP networking concepts prior to the training in order to get the most from it. You can visit to get a basic idea of the networking concepts that are needed to understand most of the material in these courses. While there are a multitude of advantages for a private training session, perhaps the most beneficial is the ability for us to "tailor" the training to your specific needs. This option is simply not available with our "normal" training classes. This allows us to address some portions of the material in more detail and less so for other portions, which may not be needed in your situation.  



Daily cost for training is $1500.  Weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) are billed an additional $500/day. If you are unsure how much time to budget for your course, please give us a call so that we can properly assess your training needs. All students must be from the same company. If you would like to allow another company to share in your training session, there will be an additional $500 per company per day added to the above costs. This fee will not be assessed against the contracting company. For example: Your company has 2 employees attending and another company sends 1 employee. The daily rate would be calculated as:

Daily Training Rate $1500
Additional for multiple companies $500
TOTAL $2000(Per day)

Prices quoted above include all training materials and up to 8 hours per day of instruction. Customer must provide/arrange for training facility that will need to be large enough to provide 3-4 feet of table space per student.

For some courses, there are certification tests available. If you plan to take a certification test following the course, we will need to arrange this prior to the training. For some certificates, there are additional fees.

A minimum of 50% of the tuition and all expected expenses (including travel fee) is due at least 2 weeks prior to the start date for your training. This allows enough time for printing of manuals (when applicable) and travel and accommodation arrangements to be made. The balance of the tuition and remaining fees is due on the first day of class. PLEASE NOTE: If you desire a custom course, we need to allow sufficient time to create your materials. This may involve additional fees.

Travel fees and expenses will be billed as follows:

If we have public training classes available, you may prefer to attend those events. You can visit my store to see if there is a scheduled course that will provide the information you need. Our store is located at If you are interested in one of these classes, please contact us by one of the following methods:

Butch Evans 702-537-0979

Butch Evans Consulting